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a) We recommend some procedures to ensure the safety of passengers moving from the quay to the boat. These are detailed in the attached document “Procedure for the safe passage of Dolphin passengers from the quay to the boat”. Please note that from May 2017 it is possible that some passengers may be asked to assemble on the Quayside opposite the Thistle Hotel. The skipper on the day will inform groups a few days beforehand if this is the case.
b) It is important that ALL staff who accompany passengers are familiar with this document.
c) In particular, we would draw your attention to the advice regarding conducting your own risk assessment on the process of transfer.
d) The total number of passengers, including helpers must not exceed 12. Included in this number there can be up to 6 manual wheelchairs but no more than 4 motorised wheelchairs. PLEASE NOTE ONLY WHEELCHAIRS OF STANDARD DESIGN ARE ALLOWED ON BOARD. THE CREW OF DOLPHIN RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ACCESS FOR NON-STANDARD WHEELCHAIRS.
e) The tyres of wheelchairs should be correctly inflated to facilitate handling and should have brakes in good working order.
f) If a Group / Organisation books more than one trip, we trust that different disabled passengers will participate on each occasion
g) Occasionally individuals phone to enquire if there is any space available on the boat, we would be grateful if you can indicate the total number in your party on the booking form, and if you object to others joining you so that we can make full use of our passenger space. If NOT indicated on the form we will take this as your consent to allow others to join you.
§ Please note: If any unexpected problems crop up at the last minute and you are delayed in getting to Poole Quay Boat Haven, we have a mobile phone, which is in use when the boat is manned.
§ The number for Dolphin III is: 07761 136217.
§ You will be contacted by the duty skipper to confirm the trip, please ensure that you have given your contact details on the booking form.

The responsibility for transferring passengers from the Quay to the boat lies with the organisations or individuals who have booked a trip on Dolphin 111. Dolphin 111 crew will assist with the transfer and the following guidelines are designed to help everyone make this process as smooth and safe as possible.
1. Unloading a mini bus in the small lay-by opposite the Marina office can be very tricky as there is usually a lot of traffic movement on the road. Groups are advised to give clear signals that the unloading of passengers is taking place and to organise safe exit from the vehicle to the pavement facing the Marina office
2. Crew members will assist as requested. They wear distinctive yellow shirts clearly marked Dolphin111 and usually wait at the top of the ramp. If there is nobody there, please ring the boat mobile 07761 136217 and a member of crew will attend as soon as possible. Please wait at the top of the ramp. The marina staff have a duty to give priority to their normal visitors. Dolphin111 is a “guest boat” and cannot always be accommodated near the office and within sight of the Quay.
3. The safest way for all passengers to move from the Quay to the Dolphin is in small groups of no more than 2/3, accompanied where possible by members of the visiting organisation or if agreed, by a member of the crew of Dolphin111. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should unaccompanied groups try to access the Poole Quay Haven Marina ramp.
4. From May 2017, some passengers may be asked by the skipper on the Day to assemble on the Quayside opposite the Thistle Hotel. There will be a board marked DOLPHIN to indicate the spot and a member / members of the Dolphin crew will meet groups there. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should groups try and access the Fisherman’s Ramp.

1. Group leaders are advised to be aware of the need for tight control of groups of people in this area.
2. Groups or individuals going into the marina are subject to marina regulations. A copy of these is attached (See note in red at the end). The group leader must sign the visitors book in the office both on arrival and departure; by doing so groups are acknowledging that they agree to abide by marina regulations.
3. Marina staff are under instructions not to allow any passengers access to the marina without the initial agreement of a crew member. There is a combination number for the gate to which only crew have access. The gates are locked for security reasons and crew members are not allowed to disclose the number to visitors who are not berth holders.
4. Particular care should be taken on the pontoons as they can be slippy and at times move under the pressure of the tide. Those with walking sticks or Zimmer frames should be aware that there are gaps in the pontoons which need to be avoided. Passengers manoeuvring their own wheelchairs should proceed very slowly and stay close to the accompanying crew or staff member. It is strongly recommended that electric wheelchair users switch to manual control.
1. Organisations are strongly advised to undertake a Risk Assessment of the issues involving moving from the quay to the boat. Clearly the needs of each group will vary on each trip: the assessment therefore will need to take account of the needs of each individual.
2. Bearing in mind the consequences of passengers falling off the pontoons Dolphin recommends that lifejackets be worn if at all possible: these will be made available by the crew.
3. It is very difficult to rescue any person from the water especially if they are in a wheelchair. It helps if they are not strapped in and are wearing a lifejacket. Dolphin recognises however that this is not always possible as some passengers could be at greater risk if unrestrained and putting on lifejackets is an awkward procedure for seated people.

4. The risks are however minimised if passsengers are escorted from the quay to the boat and Dolphin crew will assist with this.
5. If you have concerns about any particular passenger please discuss with the Skipper who will normally ring a few days before the visit or contact the Booking Secretary Carol Cox on 01202 875867 or Norman Hollamby on 01202 676506
1. Once aboard Dolphin the attention of all organisations is drawn to the following
extract from the Dolphin Trust Health and Safety Policy:
“Inevitably passengers carried on Dolphin 111 will have a variety of special needs particularly concerning health. It is the responsibility of the visiting organisation to provide the appropriate support and help to meet those needs. Dolphin 111 provides a safe environment in which passengers can enjoy a trip round the Harbour or up the river to Wareham. The wearing of lifejackets is not necessary on such trips, but nevertheless they are provided onboard should the skipper require them to be worn for operational reasons. All visitors will be expected to follow the instructions of the skipper and his crew regarding safe practice on the boat.”
2. Crew members wear lifejackets at specific times such as when berthing so that they are ready for any emergency.
Groups should be aware that, as for other Charities, Dolphin has a safeguarding policy. It can be seen when requested. Our Safeguarding Officer is Tony Elgar and can be contacted on 01202 849325.
Organisations using Dolphin are invited to contact him if they believe that any current Dolphin practices do not meet their own safeguarding standards.
There are a few disabled parking places nearby. Alternatively there is paid parking either at the Thistle Hotel or the Multi story car park on Poole High Street nearby; or slightly further away on Baiter Park. PLEASE ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME FOR PARKING.

In the event that you need to cancel on the day of the trip, please telephone DOLPHIN III with the mobile number that you will find at the bottom of the sheet marked MOST IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
Under the terms of the new Data Regulations, by giving us details of name, contact number and E Mail address you are agree that we may keep this information for a minimum of two years. You may, at any time, should there be any amendment required or that you wish your details deleted, put this request in writing to the Booking Secretary.
This document is prepared to assist both organisers and those who accompany groups
on a visit.
This document is prepared to assist both organisers and those who accompany groups on a visit.
The Poole Boat Haven Terms and Conditions can be found on the web site under the Booking Page and the Front Page.

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